For Londel Davis, owner of Londel’s Supper Club, the success of the restaurant is the fulfillment of his lifelong dream of making a tangible contribution to the community where he spent his boyhood and youth.  Frederick Douglass Boulevard between 139th and 140th streets, home of Londel’s restaurant, was not a tranquil middle-class haven when Mr. Davis was growing up in Harlem.


Despite this difficult environment, Mr. Davis credits his mother for instilling the traditional values and strong work ethic that have guided him in every endeavor that he has pursued.  Mr. Davis began his career as a New York City Police Officer, where he held a variety of positions and received numerous citations and medals for meritorious performance.

Mr. Davis retired in 1981.  In 1983 Mr. Davis launched his first entrepreneurial venture, Deli Heaven, which taught him the basics of the restaurant business.  After closing Deli Heaven, Mr. Davis became proprietor of the Neighborhood Barber Shop, which operated for 11 years.  During this period, Mr. Davis 



began to sense that Harlem would benefit from an “upscale” restaurant offering greater variety, and appealing to the increasingly diverse palate of African-American professionals, as well as the general market.
Hence, in late 1994, Mr. Davis converted a portion of the Neighborhood Barber Shop into Londel’s Supper Club, featuring Continental, Cajun and Southern cuisine.  The restaurant’s slogan, “Redefining the Harlem Dining Experience,” captures the spirit of the “new” Harlem.
Since inception, Londel’s has undergone two expansions, and now boasts a clientele that includes the cream of Harlem, numerous African-American professional organizations, tourists, and a broad range of avid supporters throughout the NYC Metro area.
Mr. Davis continues his strong involvement in the Harlem Community through his membership in the Abyssinian Baptist Church, and participation in the Central Harlem Merchant’s Association, Greater Harlem Chamber of Commerce and the Harlem Business Alliance.  Londel’s Supper Club is also a consistent contributor to many Harlem not-for-profit organizations.