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The Executive Chef, Kenny Heatley, is emphatic about the exquisite taste of the food regularly available on the menu and the daily specials at Londel's Supper Club. With over twenty years experience acquired throughout the hotel industry, Kenny's end-products provide a blend of classic and authentic American style cuisine to compliment his Southern and Creole home-based cooking style. Kenny keeps to a well-balanced blend of special sauces, Cajun spices, grilled and sautéed dishes, and meals for the health-conscious to ensure that every potential customer will wet their appetite to make Londel's the exquisite dining experience for lunch, dinner, Sunday brunch, and special occasions.
Keeping with the motto of ambiance, quality, excellence, and class, all of the food is prepared at the time of the order to ensure all the fresh taste and nutritional value is provided to each customer. Believe it when others say "this is not the ordinary routine Southern home-cooking".

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